Company Culture

Each enterprise has its own specific culture, the soul of enterprise culture is the spirit of enterprise, which successfully reflects the pursuit of an enterprise, the spiritual style of enterprise members and the culture of the enterprise.

All employees to work together, be faithful to the company’s cause and serve the country with the fruits of industry.

Research and creation, continuous development, always at the forefront of the trend of the times.

To refrain from extravagance and to strive for simplicity and stability.

To promote the spirit of fraternity and love, with the company as a home.

Company philosophy

Responsibility: Focus on social responsibility, responsible to customers and employees, be a responsible enterprise.
Innovation: Continuous management innovation and system innovation to maintain the vitality of the enterprise. Innovation is the soul of Mingtai.
Win-win: Develop with partners, make common progress and share development results.
Win-win is the character of Mingtai.


In 2012, Mingtai company obtained the support of WINDER WILSON Pharmaceutical Holding Company in the UK, and established a perfect sales and service network in many countries and regions around the world and the Chinese market. With the scientific and professional service system to meet the various needs of customers quickly and timely, Mingtai has become the most valuable partner for customers. More than 9,000 medical institutions in more than 90 countries and regions worldwide are bringing healthy lives to the public through Mattel's medical.