Mingtai L8800 medical surgical bridge pendant

l generation pendant

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l generation pendant

Safety carrier

Dual-axis track, high-strength bearing design, built-in electromagnetic brake or pneumatic brake, anti-drift, more professional

  1. Easy to use

    The reading light is convenient for patients to read at night without affecting the rest of other patients. Background lights regulate patient mood, and light therapy programs promote patient recovery

l generation pendant
l generation pendant

Multifunctional box

Cable management, storage slot design, built-in medical gas, suction gas, strong and weak current, network output terminal, platform and drawer can place a certain weight of medical equipment

  1. Anesthesia hanger (optional)

    Due to the complex structure of the anesthesia machine, its heavyweight and the need for multiple air source connections, the anesthesia machine hanger can be customized according to the anesthesia machine parameters provided by the customer

l generation pendant


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