What are the reasons for the creation of field LED shadowless lights?


In the field training, war outbreak, earthquake, flood, or in the harsh environment such as no electricity or generator power supply, the wound and condition of the wounded will become more severe. In such cases if the timely use of surgical lights for surgery can improve the timeliness of war wound treatment, which is of great significance in reducing mortality and improving cure rates. However, the traditional surgical lights have the disadvantages of heavy weight, large size, installation trouble, inconvenience in carrying, and fixed power supply.

The current category of shadowless lights can be simply divided into satellite lights, multi-hole lights, ceiling lights, etc. Ceiling shadowless lights are mainly very popular in modern times. This kind of surgical light has the advantages of firm installation and good shadowless effect, but the disadvantages are large size, heavy weight and single form of power supply. It is inconvenient to disassemble and carry, and is not suitable for use in complex outdoor environments.

In response to the above-mentioned defects and shortcomings of the existing technology, Mingtai provides a portable field LED shadowless lamp, using high-quality LED cold light source as the surgical light source. It is detachable and easy to carry, and can eventually meet the needs of complex field surgery.

Mingtai LED field shadowless lights are designed with military square box load-bearing base with built-in power supply, which can be quickly inserted into the upright pole. Each connecting rod has built-in three-ring conductive interface for quick assembly. The lampshade shell adopts streamlined ultra-thin design, the thickest point does not exceed 10CM.


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