What is the difference between anesthesia pendant and other medical pendants?


  1. Mingtai anesthesia pendant is a kind of medical pendant that provides medical gas and power sockets for anesthesia machine and anesthesia operation. It is usually installed on the side of the operating table or above the anesthesia machine in the operating room. It can realize the functions of gas terminal, strong and weak power socket, display screen, infusion rod, etc. Compared with surgical pendant, anesthesia pendant increases the supply and elimination of nitrous oxide and waste gas, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of anesthesia.
  2. Other medical pendants refer to other types of medical pendants besides anesthesia pendant, such as surgical pendant, endoscopic pendant, ICU bridge, etc. They provide different medical gas and power sockets according to different surgical or treatment needs, as well as other functions, such as tray, light, communication, camera, etc. Compared with anesthesia pendant, other medical pendants have more functions and performance options to adapt to various surgical methods and environments.

In summary, the difference between anesthesia pendant and other medical pendants lies in the gas supply and elimination, as well as the functions and performance.



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