What is the endoscopic surgical boom role in surgery?


The endoscopic medical pendant plays a crucial role in supporting endoscopic surgeries by providing a centralized system for organizing and managing the various instruments, equipment, and supplies used during procedures. Here’s a breakdown of its roles:

1.Equipment Management: The endoscopic medical pendant serves as a hub for mounting and organizing endoscopic towers, monitors, cameras, insufflators, light sources, and other essential equipment. This centralized setup ensures that all necessary tools are readily accessible to the surgical team, optimizing workflow efficiency.

2.Cable Management: Endoscopic procedures involve numerous cables and wires for connecting equipment such as cameras, monitors, and light sources. The medical pendant helps to manage these cables, keeping them organized and out of the way to prevent tangling or interference during surgery.

3.Gas Supply Management: In procedures that require insufflation of gas (such as CO2) to create a working space within the body cavity, the endoscopic medical pendant may include gas supply connections and control valves. This allows the surgical team to regulate gas flow directly from the pendant, ensuring precise control over insufflation pressures.

4.Electrical Outlets and Power Supply: The pendant typically provides electrical outlets for powering endoscopic equipment and accessories. By centralizing power sources, it simplifies the setup process and reduces the risk of electrical hazards in the operating room.

5.Adjustability and Ergonomics: Many endoscopic medical pendants are designed with adjustable arms or booms, allowing surgeons to position equipment at optimal heights and angles for better visibility and ergonomic comfort during procedures. This customization helps reduce strain and fatigue for the surgical team during lengthy operations.

6.Space Optimization: By suspending equipment from the ceiling or wall-mounted booms, the medical pendant helps to free up valuable floor space in the operating room. This not only improves the overall working environment but also facilitates smooth movement and accessibility for the surgical team.

Overall, Mingtai endoscopic medical pendant serves as a critical infrastructure component in modern endoscopic surgery, enhancing efficiency, organization, and safety within the operating room. Its integration into surgical facilities contributes to improved workflow, better ergonomics, and ultimately, enhanced patient care.


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