How do I clean an electric operating table?


To clean an electric operating table, you should follow these steps:

  1. Cut off the power supply and remove any accessories from the table.
  2. Clean the outside of Mingtai operating bed with a soft cloth dampened with a weak alkaline detergent containing surfactant and phosphate. Remove any residual blood stains and dirt from the operation.
  3. Spray disinfectant on the operating bed and wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not use chlorine, chlorine-containing compounds, or mixtures containing ethanol to avoid corrosion of metal surfaces.
  4. Do not spray or rinse the electric operating table base with detergent or water to prevent short-circuit damage, rust, or internal electrical control system failure.
  5. Check the remaining amount of hydraulic oil in the oil tank (it should be kept above the oil level line) and observe whether the oil is emulsified due to long-term use. If it is emulsified, replace it immediately (the oil should be changed every 2 years).
  6. Check whether the power cord, power switch, indicator light, hand controller socket, bed surface fastening bolts, and accessories are in good condition.

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