What are the benefits of electric operating tables?


Some of the benefits of electric operating tables are:

  1. They provide enhanced precision, efficiency, and patient comfort during surgeries. Electric tables are equipped with advanced motorized adjustments, allowing surgeons to achieve precise positioning of the patient and the surgical site. The precise control and smooth movements minimize the risk of human error and contribute to improved procedural efficiency.
  2. They enhance surgical ergonomics by allowing medical professionals to work at a comfortable height. Electric tables can be adjusted for height according to the surgeon’s preference, reducing the strain and fatigue on the surgical team. Additionally, the ability to adjust the height ensures optimal visualization of the surgical field, promoting better accuracy and precision.
  3. They integrate imaging capabilities, such as X-ray or C-arm compatibility. Electric tables allow surgeons to perform real-time imaging during surgeries, eliminating the need to transfer patients to separate imaging platforms. The ability to perform imaging procedures directly on the operating table streamlines workflow and improves procedural efficiency. Surgeons can quickly obtain imaging results and make immediate decisions based on the visualized anatomical structures. This integration also reduces the risk of infection and increases patient comfort by minimizing movement and transfers during the surgical process.
  4. They are easy to operate and control, either by a remote control or a foot pedal. Electric tables have intuitive and user-friendly settings and indicators, and allow for quick and smooth adjustments during the surgery. They are also reliable and durable, and have a low risk of malfunction or breakdown.


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