What are the characteristics of the electric operating table?


(1) All functions are electro-hydraulic control.

(2) It can be equipped with a wired remote control or an infrared wireless remote control. The control range of the electric operating table can reach 18m. It can also be equipped with a foot control panel for direct adjustment by the surgeon.

(3) It can be equipped with orthopedic traction frame for orthopedic surgery.

(4) Strong safety, with independent emergency control panel, which can be activated when the wired or wireless remote control fails to adjust various body positions and complete the operation safely.

(5) The head plate and leg plate can be exchanged to meet the needs of C-arm and intraoperative filming.

(6) Mingtai operating bed has a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be quickly charged, and its electric energy can maintain the needs of surgery for one month.


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