What are the types of cantilevers for surgical pendants?


Generally speaking, the cantilever of a surgical pendant can be divided into three types: single-column, single-arm, and double-arm. If you choose single arm or double arm, there are two differences between mechanical arm and electric arm.

A single column is a surgical pendant without a cantilever, which has poor mobility and is relatively cheap. It is suitable for departments with low budgets, fixed beds and use positions. Such as outpatient and emergency department, recovery room, rescue room, NICU, etc. Generally, a single-column box can be rotated, so some hospitals can also realize the supply of two or even three beds through a single-column surgical pendant.

Single arm, one cantilever; double arm, two cantilever. You can understand it well based on the name. Generally, depending on the scope of use, there are many options for the length of one arm and two arms. Many customers have the wrong understanding that the double-arm is more advanced than the single-arm because the use distance becomes longer and the price is higher. In fact, single-arm and double-arm are selected according to the actual situation of the hospital. Compared with double-arm, mingtai single-arm surgical pendant is used more frequently, because the convenience of operation is very important for medical staff. The positioning of the crane tower only needs to be operated simply once, while the double-arm crane needs to be operated skillfully twice.

If you choose a single-arm or double-arm medical pendant, there are two options for the cantilever: a mechanical arm and an electric lifting arm. The mechanical arm can only rotate in the axial direction; the electric lifting arm can rotate in the axial direction while also moving in the radial direction. Generally, a single-arm cantilever can choose a mechanical arm or an electric lifting arm. For the two-arm cantilever, the first cantilever near the base is a mechanical arm, and the second cantilever can be a mechanical arm or an electric lifting arm.


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