What kind of eye surgery bed is good?


Eye surgery requires a safe and stable ophthalmic operating table. Of course, the ophthalmic operating table with the latest generation of control technology is the best choice, which is convenient for operation control, stable operation, and high quality with minimal after-sales. The beautiful appearance design brings a more comfortable and relaxing feeling to users and patients. The electro-hydraulic ophthalmic operating table produced by Mingtai group is a new generation technology of ophthalmic operating table.

Mingtai ophthalmic operating table is an ophthalmic equipment designed and developed according to the special requirements of the operation. The operating table lift adopts the working principle of electric push rod and has an ultra-low position design, which is stable, reliable and noise-free during operation. The head plate is equipped with an electric adjustable lifting mechanism, which can be folded up and down, and can be adjusted to the best angle during the operation.

  1. It is driven by a 24V low-voltage DC driver, which is safe and maintenance-free. Fully enclosed lifting stainless steel body.
  2. Optional uninterrupted power supply system to ensure that the operating table can still use the lifting control function when the external power supply is disconnected.
  3. The height of the doctor’s universal hand bracket is adjustable, and the doctor’s hand bracket is detachable. Standard U-shaped stainless steel hand support. The head plate and table top of the operating table are made by overlock molding process.


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