How is the hospital bed size determined?


As a manufacturer of medical beds, Mingtai’s grasp of the size of medical beds is adjusted based on the height and weight data in the latest national census. Generally speaking, this size will be extended by a few centimeters, usually about 50 cm. In addition to the convenience of taking care of patients, this extended size is also afraid of encountering individual patients who are too tall. This can be considered as a margin.

In terms of width, it is generally determined by extending a certain size based on the body width of an adult male. The size of some special-purpose beds is adjusted and modified according to the actual situation. For example, the length and width of the ICU bed size are longer and wider than ordinary medical beds, especially the width ratio is much higher. This is because it is convenient for nursing staff. Take care of the patient.

Although orthopedic beds have basic ratings, they will also be adjusted according to different requirements. Children’s medical beds will not change much. Generally, the size will be determined based on the relevant data in the statistical report. It will be easier to take care of than adults.

Of course, some specific hospitals will formulate the bed size according to the characteristics of their patients. For example, hospitals that are converted to weight loss patients will have clear requirements for the bed size.


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