What are the advantages of LED shadowless lamps compared to halogen lamps?


1. Cold light source, there is almost no temperature rise during the surgical treatment, the surgeon and patient have no discomfort, and at the same time, it avoids the risk of dehydration that may be caused by traditional light source irradiation;

2. Using cool white light with a color temperature of over 4300K close to natural light, its light quality is much better than traditional light sources, and the CRI of Mingtai LED operating light has reached 95 or more. This indicator makes it possible to maintain the 95 standard in dark places, allowing doctors make judgments more accurately during the operation.

3. The color temperature is adjustable, and the light is mixed through the control system and the chip to achieve multiple color changes and image formation, effectively alleviating the visual fatigue of the doctor during the operation, distinguishing fresh and necrotic tissue, and improving the quality of the operation.

4. The LED shadowless lamp is shock-resistant, impact-resistant and not easy to break. The waste can be recycled and there is no mercury pollution. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving product in the true sense.

5. Long life span, up to 60000h, saving electric energy.


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