Hydraulic operating table maintenance knowledge


With the development of science and technology, medical equipment is gradually improved. Mingtai electro-hydraulic operating table is produced under the development of high technology, which is conducive to better treatment of patients. But what should I do if the electric operating table fails? How to repair it?

If the operating table body cannot be raised but can be lowered, it is found that the sound of the motor starting cannot be heard when the up button is pressed. Power off and unplug the handle control box, open the control box, use a multimeter to measure whether the keys are normal, measure the connection line after confirming it is normal, and find that the connection line that controls the rise is disconnected. After re-welding, it works normally.

There was oil leakage on one side of the electric operating table, and the waist ascending function failed. Open the guards on both sides of the operating table, after careful inspection, find the place of oil leakage, it is found that when the “waist up” button is pressed, the oil flows out from one end of a two-way hydraulic cylinder, which should be caused by the lack of sealing of the cylinder . Power off, remove the hydraulic cylinder, disassemble and check that the gasket has been aging due to its long service life and began to seep out slowly. Later, the gap becomes larger and larger, which reduces the oil in the oil storage cylinder and causes some functional failures. After finding the cause of the failure, replace the new gasket, tighten and debug, and add enough oil to restore the various functions of the operating table to normal.


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