How to install the ceiling shadowless lamp correctly?


There are two situations to consider when installing Mingtai ceiling shadowless lamp.

When installing on the ceiling, it is required to embed four M12×200mm bolts in the ceiling concrete, exposing the ceiling 30mm (diameter 240 on the circumference, 360 degree quarters) in order to install the fixed disc and the fixed seat. The disc can also be hoisted and fixed with round steel bolts not less than 20mm in diameter. Then install the holder.

When installed on a beam, a hoisting chassis with a diameter of not less than 320mm and a thickness of not less than 6mm can be made. On the circumference of 240mm in diameter, 360 degrees are divided into four quarters, and four holes with a diameter of 12.5 are drilled; on both sides of the disk, according to the width of the beam , weld one piece of beam splint that is perpendicular to the chassis, the size is not less than 150×90mm, and the thickness is not less than 5mm. Drill three 14.5 holes in the upper part of the beam splint in a triangular pattern, clamp it on the beam during installation, and expand with M10 Bolt to install the shadowless lamp base.

Line connection:

Switching power supply and power supply line 220V, 50HZ two-phase correspondingly connected, there is a set of two-color lines on the upper part of the base, which should be connected to the positive and negative lines of the output end of the switching power supply (red to positive); if it is a child-mother lamp, there is a set To connect to the positive and negative poles of another switching power supply respectively, connect the wires correspondingly when installing the cross-arm tube, balance arm, Y-tube, and lamp body.


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