Mobile C-arm X-ray Machine

 MINGTAI, as a professional Mobile C-arm X-ray Machine manufacturer in China, has developed a series of revolutionary design, patented products with unique designs.

More Details of Mobile C-arm X-ray Machine

C arm

Advanced CMOS Detection Technology

Based on acicular CsI scintillator with excellent performance and high sensitivity CMOS chip, excellent image quality can be obtained at very low X-ray dose level, and the dynamic range is further improved at the same time.

Smart fuselage, flexible and convenient

Mobile C-shaped boom, five axis motion control, flexible to meet the needs of multi angle photography, more accurate surgical positioning

C arm
C arm

Intelligent identification metal

Intelligently analyzed and handled metal artifacts in images, easy to diagnose and view

Touch screen design

Equipment fuselage high-definition touch screen, support touch adjustment and screen flip, support parameters and other information real-time display

C arm


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