MINGTAI Led760/560h Petal Model Operating Light

 MINGTAI, as a professional surgical shadowless lamp manufacturer in China, has developed a series of revolutionary design, patented products with unique designs.

More Details of MINGTAI Led760/560h Petal Model Operating Light


Imported LED bulbs with low energy consumption

The environmental protection and low energy consumption LED bulbs imported from Germany are used as the shadowless light source. Low temperature rise, long life and low energy consumption are the most basic conditions for Mingtai LED surgical light to become a best-selling product

Taiwan brand power supply

Adopt Taiwan brand power module, in line with international medical electrical EMC electromagnetic compatibility testing standards. Safer, greener and less energy-intensive


Imported transmitter

The use of German imported transmitters can effectively avoid the stroboscopic problem caused by poor contact; The unique three-ring design of the imported transmission not only makes the power transmission more stable, but also reduces the power loss relatively

Excellent mobile performance

The turning radius of the lamp panel is 230cm, the lamp head can be pulled down close to ground, which is convenient for lighting from various angles



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No. 8 Yangchun Road, Qufu Industrial Park, Jining, Shandong Province

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