What are the advantages and characteristics of electric gyne


The electric gynecological bed and examination bed adopts advanced microcomputer control and electro-hydraulic transmission system. The product structure is unique, the operation is simple, safe and reliable, and the quality has reached the international level. The unilateral column design and X-ray fluoroscopy space are more suitable for urology, thoracic surgery, kidney surgery and departments that need to cooperate with C-arm and X-ray machine. Its advantages and characteristics are mainly reflected in the following aspects.
It adopts microcomputer control and advanced electro-hydraulic transmission technology to replace the traditional electric push rod transmission technology, which makes the position adjustment more accurate, and the speed is more uniform and stable; The main parts of the hydraulic system are imported components, and the overall performance is more reliable and durable. The function is complete, the operation is simple, and the one-button reset function can restore the horizontal position of the bed in a short time at any angle. The entire product mattress uses the technology of medical polyurethane one-time forming, which is characterized by insulation and fire resistance. In line with safety standards, the surface is seamless, antibacterial and easy to clean; the whole station is made of 304 stainless steel material.


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