What functions does the operating table need to meet during


Operating table is a very important equipment product in medical activities, and it has received the attention of medical institutions. The main functions of the product have an important impact on the progress of medical activities. Let me give you a brief introduction below.
The basic role of an operating table is to adjust the position of the operation, provide surgical field of vision, and make the operation smoothly. There are 5 main positions commonly used in the operating room, which are prone, supine, tilted, perineal, and sitting. Electric surgical bed is suitable for head and neck, chest and abdomen, limbs, urology and facial surgery. It meets the needs of human anatomy and medical care, and has the following characteristics:
1. The operating table is ergonomically designed, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity of medical staff.
2. Types continue to increase, including built-in lumbar bridges, five-section deflection columns, C-arm catheters, etc., convenient and safe, complete functions, high control accuracy and long service life.


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