What are the characteristics of the box of the medical pendant?


A hanging pipe and a box are connected under the cantilever of the medical pendant. The length of the hanging pipe depends on the height of the room. The box body, also known as the hanging box, is designed differently by each manufacturer. The length of the box can be changed according to the actual use requirements and the amount of gas and electricity.

There are usually strong and weak electrical sockets, gas terminals and equipment rails on the box. The strong and weak current socket is used to provide the device with 220V strong current, as well as weak current signals such as network, video, and audio. The gas terminal is used to provide different kinds of gas sources, which are distinguished by different signs and interface shapes. The common ones are oxygen, air, laughing gas, carbon dioxide, negative pressure, and anesthesia emissions. Equipment guide rails are used to fix trays, drawers, rotating arms, etc., and provide support platforms for different equipment. In addition, some control handles or other accessories are installed on some boxes to control the movement of mingtai medical pendant. Due to the high frequency of strong and weak electricity and gas use on the cabinet, the requirements for gas and electricity separation are very high in both design and use.


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