How to adjust the LED shadowless operation lamp correctly?


1. First check whether there is a short circuit or open circuit. If it is normal, perform a power-on test to check whether the external power supply of the shadowless lamp is stable and whether the output voltage of the transformer is too high or too low.

2. Check the irradiation distance and depth of the LED shadowless lamp. Generally, the irradiation distance of the shadowless lamp is 70-140 cm.

3. Check whether the balance arm of the shadowless lamp matches the lamp cap, whether to adjust the force of the balance arm, and whether to adjust the angle of the balance arm. If you adjust it, you can use the adjustment method of the lamp arm.

4. When debugging the LED surgical lamp, adjust the damping screw of the lower joint. Usually, the tightness of the standard damping adjustment should be close to 20N in any position.

5. Check whether the installation of the LED shadowless lamp is missing, mainly whether there are fewer screws, or the screws are not tightly installed, and whether the circlips are properly clamped.

6. When debugging Mingtai LED operation lamp, it is also necessary to see the adjustment and release of the lower joint limit switch. Some shadowless lamps are easy to transport and will be locked in the joint part. Pay attention to it when debugging.


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