What is electric operating table?


An electric operating table, also known as an electric surgical table, is a specialized piece of medical equipment used in surgical procedures. It is a highly adjustable table that allows the surgeon to position the patient in a variety of ways to optimize access to the surgical area.

Mingtai electric operating tables are typically made of stainless steel or a similar non-porous material to prevent bacterial growth. The table top is padded with a material that is both comfortable for the patient and easy to disinfect. The table is also equipped with a variety of features, such as:

  1. Height adjustment: This allows the surgeon to position the patient at the correct height for the procedure.
  2. Backrest adjustment: This allows the surgeon to tilt the patient’s back up or down, as needed.
  3. Leg extension: This allows the surgeon to elevate or lower the patient’s legs, as needed.
  4. Locking mechanisms: These ensure that the patient is securely positioned during the procedure.

Electric operating tables are an essential part of modern surgery, and they allow surgeons to perform procedures safely and effectively.


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