At what stage can the laminar flow purification operating room start the installation design of the medical pendant?


First of all, we need to understand what is included in the installation of laminar flow purification operating room. Generally, the installation of laminar flow purification operating room can be divided into the following five stages.

1. The rough preparation stage. At the beginning of the project, the concrete of the entire floor has been poured, and the necessary insulation and waterproof layer have been processed. After that, the purification engineering company entered the site, laid out the lines according to the design drawings determined by the hospital, planned the layout of each room, and prepared the next frame materials.

2. Framework construction stage. Set up a frame according to the position of the line in each room, and at the same time reserve the necessary space for the laminar flow box.

3. Laminar flow arrangement and electrical laying stage. Fix the integral laminar flow box to the center of the ceiling of the operating room and fix it with the surrounding frame. After the laminar flow box is fixed, the air outlet and air supply ducts are laid.

4. The interior stage. This stage is to do the interior decoration of the operating room, which mainly includes the laying of walls, top surfaces, and the ground, the installation of surgery-related equipment and storage rooms, and the installation of ceiling lighting, fire protection, and alarm.

5. Test and acceptance stage. The main steps include gas pipeline pressure holding test, power supply test, related surgical instrument and equipment test, and the most important operating room purification laminar flow test.

Generally, the design of mingtai ICU pendant is suitable for the first and second stages, namely the rough preparation stage and the frame construction stage. Because the laminar flow box and pipeline have not been installed at this time, the entire ceiling space has a very sufficient space, and the preparation time of the laminar flow box and pipeline is also long, so you can discuss a more reasonable plan with the hospital and the purification engineering company.


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