Are children’s medical beds cheaper than ordinary medical beds?


To figure out the price of children’s medical beds, we must first figure out the difference between children’s medical beds and ordinary adult beds.

The first is the difference in size. As the size shrinks, the required production materials will naturally be much less than that of adult medical beds. Therefore, many people think that the price of medical beds for children will be much lower than that of adults, but in fact, the price difference between the two is not too great.

In addition to material factors, the price of a product also has processing costs. However, there are many production steps and related supporting products for children’s beds. For example, the guardrails of Mingtai children’s medical bed products are more complicated than adult bed guardrails, because to ensure the safety of children’s beds, the safety and firmness of the guardrails account for a large proportion.

In addition to the guardrail factor, in the mattress part, the mattresses of many manufacturers’ children’s beds are specially produced or purchased. They are different from the mattresses of adult beds because the children’s weight and the requirements for comfort are higher. The other is that it will be more thoughtful in terms of appearance design, such as cute cartoon patterns, different guardrail decorations, etc., which increase the production process and production costs.


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