Is there a big difference between a medical bed with casters and without casters?


Nowadays, most mingtai medical beds are equipped with casters, but there are also some hospital beds without casters. For example, some county-level hospitals and outpatient clinics will choose the beds without casters when purchasing the beds, because the price will be cheaper, and the other reason is that the absence of casters will reduce the chance of bed damage.

The second is that some hospital beds in some departments require no casters. For example, orthopedic beds, its requirement is not to have casters, because if the bed is collided and moved, it is easy to cause unimaginable problems for the patient.

In terms of processing and manufacturing, the bed legs without rubber wheels can save a lot of procedures, and the entire processing flow is relatively simple. If casters are added, the manufacturing cost and caster cost must be included.


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