How is a shadowless lamp used during surgery?


During the preparation phase, the nurse (or doctor) will move mingtai shadowless lamp to the approximate position of the operation area. Then turn on the lamp. At this time, the doctor will usually stand under the operating lamp, with the back of the head facing the lamp cap, and then reach out to hold the sterile handle in the middle of the lamp cap, watch the light spot formed by the light in the operation area, and slowly adjust the lamp cap. Position until the surgical field has a more satisfactory lighting environment.

After starting the operation, the position of the operating light will not change. However, when the depth of the surgical field incision or the position of the surgical field changes, it needs to be adjusted. At this time, the doctor can fine-tune the position of the lamp holder through the sterile handle to obtain clearer surgical field lighting. Finally, after a long-term operation is over, the nurse (or doctor) removes the lamp head to the outside of the operation area, removes the sterile handle, and disinfects it.

From the above process, we can see that the main users of surgical lamps are doctors and nurses. Before and after each operation, the nurse needs to move the surgical lamp a long distance. For doctors, during the operation, whether the surgeon or the assistant, basically stand under the shadowless lamp, and keep in close contact with the shadowless lamp for a long time.


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