How to help customers effectively determine the configuration of the medical pendant?


To put it simply, you can combine the company’s products and consider the following two aspects.

In terms of the configuration of the medical pendant, can the load-bearing capacity of the box meet the needs of medical equipment? Do I need to cooperate with advanced brakes if the load is too large? Is the gas-electric interface sufficient? Do you need to reserve enough spare interfaces? Do you need to add other functions or accessories?

In terms of the positioning of the medical pendant, is the single arm with the best mobile performance the first choice? If space is affected, how to position the arms to make it easier to move? Is it necessary to increase the electric lifting function to provide more clinical use requirements without affecting the use of other equipment? Is it possible to achieve the coverage of two areas through one pendant tower?

After the initial communication is completed, use existing tools, such as plane positioning maps, 3D software, or live demonstration methods, to communicate with users again. Maybe you will find more areas for improvement during the communication process. After recording, go back and modify again. Through once, twice or even many times of communication and modification, the final solution suitable for the user is formed.


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