Why is it important to communicate with customers in the process of buying and selling medical pendants?


In the operating room, in most cases, the nurses are the users who move the medical pendant and operate the functions, and most of them are female nurses. In the preparation stage for surgery, they need to place the medical equipment on mingtai medical pendant as soon as possible and connect the corresponding gas and electricity, and then quickly move the pendant tower to the appropriate position for the operation, so that the corresponding medical equipment can be passed to the doctor during the operation. Or let the doctor use it directly; during the operation, depending on the operation situation, sometimes the position of the pendant tower needs to be adjusted. Generally, the pendant tower is surrounded by equipment carts or medical staff, and the pipeline of the medical equipment on the pendant tower may still be connected to the patient., Then the nurses must carefully move the pendant tower containing the medical equipment; after the operation, they will remove the pendant tower, remove unnecessary medical equipment, and then disinfect the operating area.

Therefore, we need to actively communicate with users. Combining the characteristics of the company’s cranes, you can think of some functions that can help them, and record these points in time during the communication process.


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