What problems should be paid attention to in the use of manual hospital beds?


Since it is a hand-operated hospital bed, the rocker is naturally the one that controls the rise and fall of Mingtai hospital bed, so the rocker plays a very important role in this. Whether it is a patient’s family or a nurse, you must pay attention to the uniform force when operating the rocker to avoid the situation that the rocker is stripped due to excessive force, because the stripping will cause the raised bed surface to drop suddenly, causing both physical and mental injuries to the patient.

Then there is the daily maintenance of the hand-cranked hospital bed. This is more important, because some hand-cranked medical beds need to be lubricated frequently on the rocker to keep the rocker in normal use.

In addition, when cleaning the bed surface, be careful not to have foreign objects at the link of the bed surface, which can easily cause irreversible damage to the bed when the bed is raised and lowered, thereby shortening the service life of the hand-operated hospital bed.


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