What are the outstanding points of the orthopedic electric operating table?


The design of Mingtai orthopedic electric operating table not only conforms to the characteristics of ergonomics and anatomy, but also applies modern technology and humanized design concepts, and is especially suitable for various types of orthopedic surgery. In cooperation with the orthopedics C-arm X-ray machine, the patient can be lifted, pulled, reset, fluoroscopy, filmed and fixed. Modern orthopedic operating tables ensure effective traction and reduction of femoral neck, femur, and tibia fractures. The strip-shaped sacral backrest and perineal column are all made of carbon fiber composite materials that can see through X-rays, and can be adjusted for longitudinal movement., which is convenient for resetting and internal fixation under the fluoroscopy of the c-arm x-ray machine.

In addition, the orthopedic operating bed can also meet the specific requirements of supine and prone spine surgery and support and maintain the normal spine physiological curvature through the lifting, extension, shortening and folding of the bed. At the same time, the bed body should be able to adjust freely at any time, so as to facilitate the change of intraoperative body position. For example, when scoliosis is undergoing anterior decompression, the scoliosis of the spine operation segment must be increased at the beginning of decompression to facilitate exposure and decompression. After the decompression is completed, bone grafting and internal fixation are required. At this time, the electric operating table should be adjusted on request. The body angle can be adjusted to reduce or eliminate scoliosis and facilitate the locking and fixation of the operation area. In addition, it should be able to meet the postural needs of some special operations (intervertebral discoscopy, percutaneous disc surgery, etc.), such as posterior lumbosacral discoscopy, which requires patients to bend over and bend their knees in a special position.


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