How does the medical pendant achieve gas and electricity separation?


We know that one of the main functions of mingtai medical pendant is to provide medical gas supply and strong and weak electricity supply required by related medical equipment. The medical gas required by general equipment is high-pressure gas, and the strong electricity is 220V power supply.

If the plug of the medical device generates an arc during the plugging process, or the socket and the wire are in poor contact, the arc is generated, that is, free gas with high temperature and high conductivity is generated. At this time, if other flammable gases accumulate, dangerous accidents are prone to occur after the two come into contact.

Therefore, the general medical pendant needs to have a gas-electric separation design to separate the gas path and the electric circuit; at the same time, it is provided with a gas discharge port to facilitate the circulation of gas.

Different brands of medical pendant boxes on the market have different designs. Generally, strong and weak electrical sockets are installed at the top and gas terminals are installed at the bottom.

After opening the cabinet panel, you can see various gas pipes and power cables. Generally, the yellow and white hoses with thicker outer diameters are negative pressure and oxygen gas pipelines, which are connected to the corresponding gas terminals; the black and white cables with thinner outer diameters are power cords and weak wires, which are connected to the corresponding Power sockets and weak current sockets. In addition, because the source of gas and power comes from the corresponding pipeline interface in the ceiling, all the pipelines are gathered together through the cantilever, and then down the hanging pipe into the inside of the box, which can be in the box close to the hanging pipe. Location found. Moreover, considering the high frequency of cantilever movement, hoses and cords are generally used in pipelines to avoid obstacles when moving.


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