The development trend of electric operating table


1. Change of operation mode. The operation of Mingtai operating table includes lifting, tilting, etc. The operation of the operating table in the early days was simply driven by manpower, relying purely on the hands of medical staff, which was cumbersome to operate and lacked convenience and flexibility. With the development of electronic technology, operating tables and fully mechanically driven operating tables that are driven by an electric motor to drive oil pumps to manipulate posture changes are gradually being replaced by remote infrared remote control. All in all, the operation of the operating table is becoming more and more automated and intelligent to reduce the burden on the operator, facilitate remote control, and meet the needs of surgery and other aspects.

2. Two development trends of multi-function and specialization. Multifunctionalization is an important direction for the development of operating tables. The operating bed comes standard with a waist bridge and separate leg plate, which has a translation function and can perform whole-body filming and catheter operations. Each plate can move at a large angle to achieve the posture required for various operations, and there are a large number of optional accessories. It can meet the needs of various specialized surgical positions.


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