What are the types of guardrails for medical beds?


In the past, the guardrails of hospital beds were almost the same, but the guardrails of some special electric beds would be different. For example, the most typical one is the guardrails of Mingtai ICU beds. Their guardrails are separate, and can be turned up and down independently. Other product guardrails, including children’s beds and orthopedic beds, are the same.

However, in recent years, this trend has changed somewhat. This is mainly due to the impact of imported hospital bed products. In addition, people’s living standards have improved and their material requirements have also increased. In terms of hospitals, they also hope to provide better products for patients to use.

Some guardrails on the market now begin to approach ICU bed guardrails, but they are not as complicated as multifunctional ICU beds, but the basic shape and principle are similar. In terms of quantity, it is also divided into four small guardrails, which can be raised and lowered separately. The materials are all made of ABS. Only a small part of the fence is made of wood for aesthetics, or the texture is similar to wood.

In terms of application scenarios, this type of hospital bed products are mainly used in places where there are more elderly patients, such as specialized wards of some hospitals, or nursing homes, elderly apartments and other places. Because the four independent bed guardrails can not only better protect the patient from falling off the bed, but when the patient gets out of the bed, part of the guardrail can also serve as a support to help the patient get up from the bed. In the future, this four-piece guardrail should become the mainstream form of home nursing beds.


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