What should I pay attention to when purchasing orthopedic medical beds?


The first is the qualification of orthopedic medical bed manufacturers. This is true no matter what products are purchased. Now the country has strict requirements in this regard, and it is impossible to build factories without qualifications.

The second is to see whether the production equipment of orthopedic bed manufacturers meets the standards. After all, it is impossible to produce qualified products without complete production equipment. What’s more, mingtai orthopedic beds are different from other products. Like ordinary hand-cranked beds, most of the patient’s gravity is pressed on the bed panel, together with the bed frame. However, the orthopedic bed is designed to assist patients with injured limbs in the recovery. The most typical one is the tension band on the orthopedic bed. It assists the patient to get up and is also a device to help the patient exercise hand force on the bed. If the tension band is not strong, it is easy to cause secondary injury to the patient. In addition to the tension strap, if the leg traction device is not strong enough and it is easy to cause secondary injury to the patient. Therefore, as a purchaser, when inspecting the product, pay special attention to the firmness of the gantry frame.

In addition to paying attention to these when purchasing, there should also be supervision during the installation process. If the screws of each component are not tightened, it is also potentially dangerous.


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